I Saw a Field

I saw a field with two small trees   that grew up in the lake-shore breeze
A home to crows and willow-bees - one tree was you and one was me
I saw a year walk down the street and buy a bunch of pretty things
To make a place to live and sleep - that year was you, that year was me 

I saw a boat and heard the sound of straining as it turned around
Against the tides of history - that boat was you, that boat was me
I saw a child look up for grace with every first time on his face
The wonders of the world to see - that face is you, that face is me

I saw a room through every door-  We built a home and even more
An island for our memories - the sky is you, the land is me
And in the Autumn we will go before the winter comes with snow
Two lovers for eternity - I dream of you, you dream of me