The Lake

That lake’s a bowl of revelry-  the ranger leaned against the tree.
He smiled like the father of the place he’d become so proud of..
But later, back in ’83, a kid went swimming underneath-
It bore no airs, it showed no teeth- But that’s how darkness changes things..

In winter all the people drive from cities and the countryside
They put on skates and glide around and laugh when anyone falls down.
One fall below could end your life- but on the surface you’ll be fine
Just watch out for the changing times- the in between water and ice..

In summer half the town comes by to watch the sinners get baptized
And Uncle Reverend Father John, he goes in with his vestments on.
So come on in- the water’s fine, it’s fate that draws that tender line
And he that cannot save himself, he might just get the water’s help..